Creating a Movement to Revolutionize Indigenous Healthcare

About VNHS

Vancouver Native Health Society was established in 1991 to address the lack of healthcare for urban Indigenous people in Greater Vancouver, with a mission to improve and sustain the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of individuals. The philosophy of VNHS is founded on an Indigenous understanding of the deep connection between individual well-being and community.

Today, VNHS is delivering comprehensive medical, counseling and social services to meet the needs of a client base struggling with overlapping social challenges and con-current health issues such as substance abuse, mental health, chronic disease, homelessness and poverty.

Why Are We Here?

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples provides the foundation to change the framework of our health care system and the nature of Indigenous health service delivery.
We have nationally and internationally recognized rights to self-determination in health and governance and the right to strengthen our distinct social and cultural institutions – yet these continue to be systematically denied.
This conference is our opportunity for the creation of an Indigenous solution to the health crisis facing our people.

Why Now?

The time is right for radical solutions to create a paradigm shift in Indigenous healthcare systems in Canada.

​We know that we continue to experience poorer health-outcomes than non-Indigenous people and that health-outcomes are intrinsically tied to social determinants of health. We know Indigenous health services are underfunded in Canada - particularly in urban areas and we know that more and more of our people are moving to cities.  


To address these multi-faceted challenges, we need to hear from a cross-section of individuals and organizations, from local to international, involved in any aspect of Indigenous health and wellness. If you are committed to leadership in systems change for Indigenous health and wellness, this is your chance to energize our movement with people who share that dedication.


Vancouver Native Health Society invites you to join us at our first National Indigenous Health Conference on October 15th, 16th and 17th, 2019 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, for an opportunity to generate revolutionary change in Indigenous healthcare and establish a cohesive national strategy for its realization.


We acknowledge with gratitude that our event takes place on the unceded territories of the Squamish, Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.

The National Indigenous Health Conference will be highly participatory and collaborative. The goal is to have energy and ideas moving from the ground up to ensure that the work is informed by those closest to the issues we seek to address with radical change to the healthcare Indigenous people are able to access.


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Speaker Information




Government/Business/Professional $750     NGO $600     Elder $400     Student $400

Marriott Pinnacle Hotel,

Vancouver, BC


October 15th - 17th, 2019



Be a part of the Indigenous healthcare revolution



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Lisa is a visual facilitator who helps teams and community groups around the globe to mine their diverse perspectives, align on a desired future and focus on strategic action. In her work as a mediator, she also leverages the power of visuals in dispute resolution. Her visual methods boost participation, foster quality thinking and create meaningful visual imprints during important discussions. 

In hundreds of meetings around the globe, Lisa has helped various organizations and several First Nations tackle deep-rooted and emerging issues. Her work spans all industries from healthcare, education, mining, technology, and financial services. Lisa’s practice combines her natural gifts - a love for deep discussion, a highly perceptive, creative nature and an eye for possibility.

Lisa Arora


Chris works with organizations, communities and teams to address strategic challenges using dialogic approaches to decision making. Chris is a teacher and a facilitator of social technologies for face to face conversation in the service of emergence. Chris aims to support invitation: the invitation to collaborate, to organize, to find one another and make a difference in our communities, organizations and lives. Chris will be facilitating the conference in partnership with White Raven Consulting.

White Raven Consulting inspires possibilities and potential alongside their clients through a respectful and culturally sensitive approach, connecting their deep pride in ancestral teachings with their creative spirit. Their years of experience in graphic design, publishing, exhibit design, communications, and facilitation make them an excellent communications partner.

Chris Corrigan


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