Creating a Movement to Revolutionize Indigenous Healthcare

The goal of the National Indigenous Health Conference was to be highly participatory and collaborative so that energy and ideas could move from the ground up to ensure that the outcomes could be informed by those closest to the issues we seek to address.


And that is exactly what happened!

As we bring the report together from the amazing work that was done at the conference, we will be posting updates and information here. So please check in for keynote presentations, the graphic documentation of talks and more as we more forward!

VNHS is committed to respecting the work done at the NIHC by harvesting the knowledge made available by everyone there and using it to strengthen the Indigenous health movement.

But we can't do it alone!

In the coming months, we hope to stay engaged with you and create more moments and momentum.

Together, we can generate radical change in health systems to reactivate Indigenous health across the nation.




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Event Facilitators - Harvest Moon Consultants and White Raven Consulting

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